PRO Hydro-Drive

The Classen self-propelled Overseeder with hydrostatic drive, makes seeding easier.

HTS-20 PRO Hydro-Drive Overseeder creates more seed rows, placed closer together, to produce thicker turf! Unique floating seed box and our industry best 13 double-bladed shafts, 26 blades in all, spaced a narrow 1.5 inches apart, provide carpet-like coverage even on the bumpiest of terrain.

  • More blades = better germination. Plus, each heat-treated blade can be rotated 180 degrees for double the life.
  • Industry’s tightest blade placement (spaced 1.5″ apart) provides the best seed coverage
  • Single lever powered forward and reverse
  • 10 different depth positions to accommodate blade wear.
  • 2-Year Warranty

PRO Hydro-Drive Turf Overseeder Specifications

Model HTS-20H
Engine Honda GX390
Transmission Hydrostatic
Fuel Capacity, gal (l) 1.6 (6.1)
Seeding Width, in (cm) 20 (50.8)
Blade/Reel (Standard) Multipurpose
Number of Blades 26
Height Adjustment Positions* 10
Height Adjustment Increments, in (cm) 0.16 (0.4)
Seedbox Capacity, lbs (kg) 40 (18.1)
Front Wheels, in (cm) 13x5.0-6 (33x12.7-15.2)
Front Wheels Style Pneumatic
Rear Wheels, in (cm) 13x5.0-6 (33x12.7-15.2)
Rear Wheels Style Pneumatic
Dimensions LxWxH, in (cm) 57x31x45 (144.8x78.7x114.3)
Folded Dimensions LxWxH, in (cm) 45.8x31x33 (116.3x78.7x83.8)
Dry Weight, lbs (kg) 300 (136.1)
Warranty** 2 years
*To accommodate blade wear ** engines warranted separately

Classen PRO Hydro-Drive Overseeder Features

  • Honda® GX270 engine
  • Hydro-Gear® T2 transmission for smooth consistent power flow, and ease of maintenance
  • Speeds up to 3 mph forward; reverse up to 1.5 mph.
  • Turf tread flotation tires produce
    • Less pressure per square inch
    • Exceptional balance and stability on hills and straight lines.
    • Reduces soil compaction and tire ruts.
  • 40 lb. capacity floating seed box
  • Floating seed box follow the contours of bumpy, undulating terrain or locks in place in any of 10 depth settings for seeding on hills and slopes.
  • Seed dial and onboard instruction chart allows you to set exact seed size for precision seeding without seed waste.
  • Folding handle
  • 26 heat-treated, multipurpose blades with cutting edge on both ends for double the blade life

PRO Hydro-Drive Turf Seeder Accessories

Flail Blades

Used to treat moderate thatch levels. Ideal for deep rooted grasses. Blades both lift thatch and thinly slice soil surface.

Multi-purpose Blades

Deep slicing blades for thatch a 1/2” or deeper. The unique design of the blades, with a cutting edge on both ends, doubles the blade life.

Spring Tines

Ideal for annual thin to moderate thatch control. Pliable tines gently rake through the grass

Vertical Slicer Blades

Sharpened on both sides, designed to slice through surface root grasses.