Compare Classen Aerators

There’s a Classen turf aerator for every application. Our line of aerators include walk-behind models as well as a ride-on model. Classen… serious lawn care made easy!

Steerable Compact Aerator

Ideal for landscapers and homeowners; with a steerable tine bank and tight tine placement, all in a compact size.

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PRO PowerSteer™

The Classen PowerSteer™ Aerator steers through the tines for non-stop (non-stress) unmatched productivity.

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PRO Stand-Aer®

Three times faster than a walk-behind aerator and the best Quality of Core® in the aeration industry. Pulls 10% more cores than the competition.

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Classen Reciprocating Aerator RA-21H

Reciprocating Aerator

Punches cleaner holes in tough soil without additional weights. Simplicity is built in with an open design and operator controls.

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Why Aerate With A Classen Aerator?

Core aeration can help make your lawn healthier and reduce its maintenance requirements. Read more about turf care essentials on the Classen Blog.