Turf Rakes

Compare Classen Turf Rakes

Classen Turf Rakes are versatile and portable dethatchers and make quick work of lifting grass-choking thatch from the surface level, which allows the soil and grass to breathe and retain moisture and nutrients . Folding handles make these turf rakes excellent for rental use. Attachments for seeding are also available. Classen… serious lawn care made easy!

PRO Hydro-Drive Turf Rake

Operates forward and reverse with infinitely variable speed from 0 to 3.4 mph. Makes loading and unloading on ramps a snap and is great on hills. The PRO Hydro-Drive Turf Rake can be converted to a spring-tine rake or vertical cutter in minutes

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Walk-Behind Turf Rake

Our most compact and easy-to-use turf rake with fold-down handles for easy transport. Multiple blade options available to dethatch any turf and converts in minutes to an overseeder or vertical slice aerator.

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Why Dethatch with a Classen Turf Rake?

Thatch collects above the soil at surface level and becomes intertwined in grass stems.  As the build up increases the matter becomes stacked and then packs down, causing healthy grass blades to become stressed and weaken. Dethatching is important to maintain a healthy lawn.

Turf Rake Accessories

Flail Blades

Used to treat moderate thatch levels. Ideal for deep rooted grasses. Blades both lift thatch and thinly slice soil surface.

Multi-purpose Blades

Deep slicing blades for thatch a 1/2” or deeper. The unique design of the blades, with a cutting edge on both ends, doubles the blade life.

Spring Tines

Ideal for annual thin to moderate thatch control. Pliable tines gently rake through the grass

Vertical Slicer Blades

Sharpened on both sides, designed to slice through surface root grasses.