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Classen Products

Tow Behind Core Aerators

These heavy–duty core aerators are easily used with the average 15 hp riding mower or tractor. Whether your aeration job is a lawn, sports field, or municipal facility, there's a Classen tow–behind core aerator that's just right for you. Classen... serious lawn care made easy!

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Feature 1 Heavy-duty core aerator built of 1-1/2" x 1-1/2" solid square (not square tubing) with weight tray for optional added weight
Feature 2 Tine shafts operate independently for greater turning ease
Feature 3 3/4" O.D. tine for aerating depth up to 4"
Feature 4 Hole pattern 5.25" x 7"
Feature 5 1" sealed ball bearings for low maintenance
Feature 6 15 hp minimum tractor
Feature 8 2-Year Warranty


Tow Behind Core Aerators – Model Chart

Product No. Lift Dimensions Aerating Width No. of Tines Hitch Type Load Capacity (pounds) Weight (pounds)
48RT Manual 34" H x 56" W x 62" L 42" 48 Tow/
3 point
780 320
60RT Manual 34" H x 66" W x 62" L 52" 60 Tow/
3 point
780 365

Classen turf and lawn renovation equipment... serious lawn care made easy!

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Classen - 2 Year Warranty